C18: Character Design
Suzi -She Ninja- Character design
C18: Character Design
Smooch and his friends
A few from series of poster art I drew for 'Cool Japan USA' event. My small contribution for supporting Japan Anime culture ;)
This was done for convention flyer.. cropped in from larger piece
Charms ©MATTEL
One of many designs that didn't get to use.. par show direction
Lulu: Character Design
Disneyland Resort -Bug's Life- It's Tough To Be A Bug | Character Design : While Pixar was busy making Film Bug's Life, R&H was asked to create attraction 4D film for Disney World. I end up designing 10 bug characters out of all 15 or so. It's one of the most intersting experience working with WDI, Pixar and R&H.
Geico | Character Design : Undaughtfully, my most exposed character design, yet to this date. Who knew he would be loved by so many people :)

Commercials I Character Design / Art Direction

Commercials I Character Design / Art Direction
Alvin and Chipmunks | Character Design
Talking Tom and Friends: Character Design
Game character design